Marriage is one of the universal social institutions. It is a bond of two people established by society to control and regulate the personal and sexual life of humans. A union of man and woman becomes a marital bond only when society gives it approval. Sometimes marriages are successful and full of love, but often marriages fail too. Many factors cause unsuccessful marriages. Husband and wife do not understand each other and have conflicts on many issues. The wife often says “ I hate my husband”.

I Hate My Husband:

Hate does not mean you hate your husband. We can take it another way that you hate your husband’s habits and maybe his point of view. Hate is a harsh word we use to show our anger toward anything. Sometimes we hate because we are angry and have conflicts on many factors. After solving that issue we became comfortable.

 But there is another side of the story, many couples hating each other. They don’t even want to see one another’s presence. They have a lot of individual differences, lack sexual relationships, and want to separate their ways. So they are in a toxic relationship and want to get rid of it. 

Why Do I Hate My Husband?

It is not a good thing to hate your husband or wife. Marriage is a bond that keeps two humans together for the rest of whole life. But due to some unknown reasons, this relationship becomes a victim of unlikeness and hate. Now we will discuss the reasons why do I hate My husband.

i hate my husband

There Is No Warmth In your Lives:

You and your husband are going in a routine. There is no love, no warmth in your relationship. Your life is full of dullness. Wives hate their husbands because they do not want to change this dull and boring life. They are satisfied with this routine. They never talk or show any affection towards their wife.

Husband Never Compromise on Anything:

It’s all your efforts that your relationship is going on. This is one of the common causes why the wife says “ I hate my Husband”. Their husband never compromises and all the circumstances have to face the only wife. Wife compromises on her needs, opinions even her desire for love and sex. He is careless about everything. He does not care for his wife’s feelings and needs. It is the wife only who compromise and as a result of it, wives start hating their husbands.

He Never Respects You:

By the day of your marriage and till now husband never respects wife. He is always abusive and disrespectful. He always shows his ugly side his rudeness abuse ugliness. He is becoming worse as the days pass. At the starting days of your marriage, his attitude was not so bad, but with time, he is becoming a monster. He even tries to beat her wife, that’s why the wife hates her husband.

Lack of communication and Individual Differences:

There is a communication gap between you and he never tries to fill this gap. He addressed serious issues. He never follows his cultural and moral values. Your personalities are different. You both have a lot of individual differences. The wife tries her best to compromise, but the husband never steps forward to show some gratitude. Wife wants kids, but do not desire to have any kid. In the end, the wife also stops to compromise and there are always fights and quarrels.

He is Cheater and Have Affairs:

He is cheating you before your marriage. He has a lot of girlfriends and he spent his time and money with other girls and go to parties with them.

He also has a sexual relationship with other girls and doesn’t fulfill his wife’s desire of mating and he is not honest with his wife and never tries to solve conflicts. He is a cheater and abuser. How can a wife live with a man who is always deceiving his wife?

He Is Dirty and Messy:

Just imagine how can a wife share his bed with a person who always messy and dirty. A bad smell is coming from his socks and is never shaved properly. When he comes close to you bad breathing is coming from his mouth and it irritates you a lot. When you ask him takes a bath or shave his face, he abuses you in the return. He throws his clothes and shoes in the room. He is garbage himself. The wife tries his best to change his behavior but the husband spread more mess to tease her.

i hate my husband

He Is Not Ideal As You Think The Concept of a Husband:

Every girl dreamt of his ideal partner. She has a list of qualities and characters that she wants to see in his husband. In her teenage, she considers fairy tales are real. Once a prince will come, hold her hand, kiss her and take her away to a palace, where they live their romantic life happily. 

Well, life is not a fantasy. But in reality, every girl wishes for a good and caring partner, who will respect her, love her. After marrying a man is not on her expectations, then the wife starts hating her husband. Because he wants his ideal husband, but her husband’s nature is quite different. So she is disappointed and thinks negatively about her husband.

He Does Not Fulfill Wife’s Basic Needs And Necessities Of Home:

Yes, this is also a very common problem in many couples where the husband is a very careless man. Even he has a good job and salary but he does not fulfill his wife’s basic needs, like good food, clothing, and utility bills. The wife has to beg him for money every time.

 The husband does not pay the rent of the house and bills. There is always a lack of goods in the kitchen, but he pays no attention to household things. The wife demands some money but the husband always. This is a very serious problem for the partner and causes many marriages to end in a divorce. 

Some Tips How You Overcome The Hated Feelings:

Husband and wife are the two wheels of the vehicle. If there is an error in one wheel the whole vehicle stop working the same as if one partner is not contributing properly to the relationship? Then it’s impossible to continue marriage happily. When the wife knows that her husband has bad habits and she hates him, but at least one time she should try to change his husband’s habits. Once you decided that you will give a chance to your husband to reunite again then try every method to reconsolidation. Here are some tips that will help you to help your husband to change himself.

You Both Need to Figure out things:

It is very important to settle down the things and talk about the problems. Ask your husband that you want to talk to him. For this purpose, you should note down all the important points that you want to discuss with your husband.

You have to change yourself too:

Maybe there are some faults from your side also. You have to look at your habits also. Maybe there is something which is irritating your husband too much, that’s why he is neglecting you. So don’t blame on your and do self-introspection also. Be polite and gentle with him.

Don’t Argue with your husband:

Arguments are a big cause of conflicts and fights in any relationship. When your husband is shouting and in an angry mood. You should not argue with him at that time. Just keep silent until his temper cools down. When we argue with an angry person, he becomes louder instead of listening to us. So it is advised that not to argue with him. Once you feel he is calm down then talk to him.

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Try not too rude or harsh with him:

Never disrespect or abuse your husband. It is against his self-esteem. He will become furious at your attitude. May he also don’t like your harsh behavior and shouting. So try to change your behavior too. Never give him bad or hated comments that you are ugly or dirty. Try to leave a positive impression even on her bad behavior, slowly he will realize that you are right and change him.

Have Some fun together

Now you have decided that you want to give a chance to your husband and save your relationship then try some cool things to change your husband and come close to him. You can plan a picnic with him, you can give him a surprise to visit anything. Surely this type of activity will help you to save your relationship.

Go out for a movie night:

Yes! Go for a movie or date night with your husband. It can be a romantic candlelight dinner also. So dressed nicely and go with him to watch any romantic movie with your husband. It will help you to retain your husband’s sexual feelings. 

Couple Therapy or Relationship Counseling is advised:

When there are big conflicts between partners that cannot address at home. Fights and break-ups become intense, then it is advised to go for couple therapy or relationship counseling. Relationship therapists help both of you to settle down your problems. He will listen to both husband and wife, then suggest therapy which will help you to sort out your issues. Couple therapies are very useful for relationships.

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I hate my husband is a very serious topic and creates a lot of disturbance in couples. In this article, we try to cover the reason behind it and also suggest some strategies that will help you to regain your relationship.