It is human nature that we can’t stop comparing our self with others. Often we do it with friends, siblings, cousins, and on social media. When we start consistently comparing ourselves with others, then it affects our mental and physical health. A statement “I will never achieve success as my brother does” can make you a victim of self-hatred. Do you often think “I hate myself” and that person knows how painful this situation is? Self-hatred has very bad effects on your entire personality and it limits down your motivation to acquire your goal. You don’t have the self-esteem to achieve anything and this is thought of because of health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

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Signs “I Hate Myself”

if you are experiencing any kind of negative feelings and unable to understand what are these feelings. These signs will help you to understand your current state of mind.

Negative thinking:

A person with self-hatred always thinks negatively. He blames himself for his failure and unsuccessful events. He thinks I will be always a loser whether how much I try to achieve anything. After spending a good or fun day with family or friends, he ended at night with negative thoughts.

Lack Of self-Esteem:

You don’t have enough self-confidence and consider yourself that are not capable to try anything. You always need your friends and family to try new things or new jobs.

Loser feelings:

Continuously loser feeling comes into your mind. You believe you are a failure instead of thinking you feel like a loser. After some failure in your life, eventually, you start thinking you are a big failure in this world and say I hate myself.

Consider Others Opinion:

You have no guts to make decisions and stick to it. You prefer other people’s opinions and consider them right. It is very difficult for you to take any decision, so you take help from other people to let them decide what is better for you.


Jealousy is a prominent factor in self-hatred. You never happy or appreciate other people’s success instead that you became jealous. You cannot see anyone making progress and when anyone shares with you his success you become anxious and stressed.

Never Try Anything New:

You hesitate to try new things because you have fear of losing it. People around you encourage you to try something new. But you stick to the fact that it will a new failure for me.

All in one perspective:

you think of life as a whole. You believe all in one perspective. If all things are going good then life is good. Whereas anything makes you stressed you consider whole life is bad. You believe one bad thing will ruin your whole life.

Don’t Accept Compliments:

If anybody praises or through positive compliments on you. You think I am not capable of it; people are nice enough that they are appreciating me. You don’t become happy with compliments and brush them off by saying people are lying.

Taking Criticism Seriously:

When anybody criticizes you, you take it very seriously and it is very hard to digest it. Family and friends criticize you positively and for your betterment but you think they are against you.

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Causes Of I Hate Myself

Below are some causes of hatred feeling. You don’t have an idea how long you are thinking negatively about yourself. To come out from a negative self-concept it is very important to root out its causes.

Negative Life Experience:

You have negative life experiences that make you self-hatred. Any toxic relationship, broken family, bad friendship makes your life-critical.

Bad Or Abusive Childhood:

Your childhood was not good. Your parents didn’t support you or brought you up in a good way. Maybe their parenting style is authoritative which leads you conflicted.


You are the victim of bullying from your peers. Your school friends and co-workers bully you and you are unable to forget those bad memories.

Traumatic Event in life:

Any traumatic life event such as a car accident, sudden death of your loved one, or a big loss in your life makes you feel “Why me”. “Why all this happened to me” I don’t know what to do with my life.
You regret this situation which leads you to “ I hate myself”.

Negative Self-Concept:

You have a negative self-concept and you blame yourself for all the miss-happenings in your life. You think you are not capable of doing something better. Your self-esteem is very low and you always think, “Why I Am Like This”

Psychological Problems:

You are experiencing psychological problems like anxiety and depression. Mental health conditions produce negative thinking. For example, depression causes guilt, hopelessness, and shame, which can make you feel negative.

Social and Environmental Triggers:

After a negative life event, you might unable to forget them, or anyone in your around triggers you to remind. For example, A new job you started recently, where a co-worker reminds you about any bad experience. Any emotional event with others reminds you of your loss in life.

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How To Overcome Hatred Feeling

Now we will discuss how you can overcome these hated feelings. Don’t blame yourself for your feelings, but if don’t try to change your bad concept of self, and then you are responsible for it.

1- Change Your Daily Routine:

You need to struggle with your life to come out from self-hatred feelings. You have to change your daily routine. Don’t sit idle while thinking bad the whole day. Gets up early, have some exercise, sit with your family members, and read some motivational books.

2- Keep A Diary For Record:

It is a very helpful tip to keep yourself happy. Keep a record of the things and events that happened in a whole day. Which things make you happy and which things make you annoy or sad. Then try to avoid bad things and practice good things which help you in making smile and happy. Mention the things which compel you to think I hate myself.

3- Indulge Yourself In Productive Activities:

Busy yourself in some kinds of activities which keep you busy and don’t have time to think negatively. You can join yoga or dance classes or you can make paintings at home. You can help your mother with domestic chores or cooking or You can go out for groceries.

4- Avoid Negative Thinking:

When you start to know which things trigger you to think negatively, and then avoid these things. Think that these thoughts are not realistic; you have to avoid these feelings. Resist against them and start doing anything productive. So these negative thoughts will vanish.

5- Spend Time With Good People:

Try to spend time with good and positive people. The persons who encourage and motivate you, and feel you good. Avoid the company of bad people, who bully you or make fun of your misshapen in your life. If you have not any good and supportive family members or friends then you can join any type of support group.

6- Meditation:

Meditation is a big source of peace. When you feel negative feelings overcoming you, then start meditation. Practicing meditation can help you to overcome these negative feelings. You can join meditation classes, which will help you calm down your anxiety and how to achieve peace of mind.

7- Set New Goals:

Now it’s time to leave your past and looking forward to the future. Set new goals in life and try to achieve them with the thought you can do it. Build your self-esteem or morale high and start your life once again. You can set small goals and step by step achieve them. For example, you can set a goal to get a new job and get out of debt.

8- Go To therapists:

After trying all the things and you are unable to come out from these gut feelings. Take help from therapists who will help you to come out from these mental conditions. The therapist helps you to alter your mind with positive things. You should discuss all the feelings related to I hate myself then therapists can guide you in the right direction.

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Many people are suffering from this thought; you are not alone in these situations. You have to struggle for yourself; no one can change your mental condition until you try it. Value yourself and change your mindset. Take help from people around you.