Dr. Abigail Go Psychological Assistant, PsyD
Psychological Assistant, PsyD

Dr. Abigail Go

'Years in Practice: 12 Years'
'Prelicense: California / PSB94024753'
'School: California Southern Univeristy'
'Year Graduated: 2019'
'Supervisor: Dr. Heather Gaedt'
'Supervisor License: California / PSY25313'

About Dr. Abigail Go

Psychological Assistant, PsyD

Do you find yourself struggling with daily challenges? Does your child/teen struggle with connecting with his/her peers? Has your child/teen been diagnosed with being on the spectrum (ASD)? Does your child/teen get bullied? Do you struggle with managing your teen’s social media use? Teen, do you wish your parents listened more? Reaching your mental health goals, and knowing that those negative feeling will not last forever, that is my desire in session. Being culturally sensitive is important and needed. Supporting you and your family is a great way to ensure life long happiness and clarity in the journey ahead of you.

Dr. Go’s extensive background, expertise and training helps her to connect with her clients and their families. Many professionals do not work with teens and autism and she is able to fill in the gaps where others fall short. The desert needs a safe and professional place for boys to share their inner thoughts and experiences. Don t wait!

Dr. Go has been practicing for over a decade and offers a variety of extensive training to her clients. She specializes in effective and realistic ways to support teens, families, adults build positive bonds and a relationships together. Her practice will fill up quickly due to affordable cost and her level of education/expertise, so please don t hesitate.

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