John Geirland Psychologist, PhD
Psychologist, PhD

John Geirland

'License: California / PSY25197'
'School: Claremont Graduate University'
'Year Graduated: 1986'

About John Geirland

Psychologist, PhD

WHAT WILL THERAPY BE LIKE? I strive to create an environment that is confidential and nonjudgmental. The therapy hour is a time and place where you can feel safe enough to do important work. I also believe that therapy can be enjoyable and life-affirming, even at times a FUN experience. WHAT CAN THERAPY ACCOMPLISH FOR ME? Engaging in psychotherapy provides the opportunity for a new start, an escape from ruminating, from feelings of helplessness and indecision. I will work with you to see and experience your situation in a new way - and take action to make important changes.

I specialize in working with persons who are experiencing difficulties in life transitions, such as going to college, starting a new career, early parenthood, the empty nest, retirement, and the challenges of aging. I can also be helpful to professionals who are experiencing writer s block and other creative difficulties.

While I work with a variety of individuals and age groups, one specialization is working with older adults (65+) who are experiencing depression, anxiety and cognitive changes. I also work with caregivers and have been one myself. To learn more, I encourage you to visit my Website.

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