Laura Picard Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, AMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, AMFT

Laura Picard

'Years in Practice: 3 Years'
'Prelicense: California / AMFT 121756'
'School: Pepperdine University'
'Year Graduated: 2020'
'Supervisor: Hong Jeong'
'Supervisor License: California / LCSW 87224'

About Laura Picard

Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, AMFT

Therapy doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. With a kind heart and open mind, I strive to make therapy a comfortable place where you can explore the deepest insights about yourself with compassion and empathy. Therapy becomes an experience and journey about who YOU are and where YOU want to go. Is something standing in the way? Are you stuck in repetitive patterns or plagued by underlying issues? Whether you are suffering unbearable panic attacks, struggling with depression, or having difficulty with transitions, I m here to help. Let s go beyond the surface and help YOU learn about YOU.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, and life transitions. I’ve helped those coping with COVID-19 change. My approach includes theories that look to the past, present and future as I guide from psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution-oriented approaches that help find your inner strengths and resilience.

As we work together, we will explore ways to assess your childhood trauma and identify your own triggers. Together we will work on ways to process and cope with what is causing you distress and find ways to make life easier to navigate. Healing is POSSIBLE. Please schedule your free consultation.

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