Liliyan Avansian Adegani Registered Psychological Assistant, PsyD
Registered Psychological Assistant, PsyD

Liliyan Avansian Adegani

'Prelicense: California / PSB94023542'
'Supervisor: Dr. Narineh Hartoonian'
'Supervisor License: California / PSY26980'

About Liliyan Avansian Adegani

Registered Psychological Assistant, PsyD

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain? Is your relationship in trouble, or have you experienced trauma in the past? Are you experiencing family conflict? In a warm and supportive atmosphere, you can expect Dr. Avansian to support you as you develop practical coping skills and tools that you apply in everyday life. Working together, we will develop a treatment plan which meets your goals and caters to your unique life experiences. In therapy, you can learn how to be present at the moment, and holistically use your body and mind for healing.

Having the courage to reach out to a therapist is the first step to living a better, fuller life. In my research, I have focused on helping clients manage physiological and psychological pain. You can expect the best clinical practices for depression, anxiety, grief and loss, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), couples counseling, and family therapy.

You can expect expert care with Dr. Avansian as you move towards greater confidence and self-reliance. I am looking forward to meeting you and providing holistic psychological support to help you thrive.

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