Marilee G. Ruebsamen Psychologist, PhD
Psychologist, PhD

Marilee G. Ruebsamen

'License: California / PSY 15068'
'School: Palo Alto University/PGSP'
'Year Graduated: 1993'

About Marilee G. Ruebsamen

Psychologist, PhD

Promoting healing & trustworthy engagement for children, youth, their families, adults who come seeking shelter, emotional safety and refuge (see Even the youngest demonstrate remarkable strengths with precise, attuned, attention to their levels of awareness, given new experiences to help transform distorted cognitive appraisals of themselves, others, relationships, the world. Working together, we cultivate more accurate appraisals of internal/external experience, shift into clearer, more realistic thinking, enhanced empathy, healthier, more effective coping styles. We co-create new, hopeful, cooperative stories to replace hopeless, repetitive, traumatic reliving within the safety of a predictable, nurturing, skillfully maintained therapeutic environment.

20 years of doctoral level applied clinical experience as a Child Fam Trauma Psychologist, scientist-practitioner, professor, supervisor, researcher, providing evidence & need-based relational, trauma responsive therapy for children/adults, informed by psychological assessment. Assessment ensures accuracy, precision conceptualization, access to core issues rather than merely overt behaviors, self-reported symptoms. Global Humanitarian,

ENGAGED ABBEY BLUE CANOE Treat/Connect/Refer @ no fee: marginalized children/youth street kids distress, indigent per abandonment, cyclical homelessness, complicated medical conditions (pediatric cancers, HIV/AIDS), gender-based harassment, violence-exposed ALWAYSBELISTENINGGLOBAL.COM US/global post-conflict uprooted, unaccompanied traveling children forcibly displaced by war/armed conflict/oppressive regimes/trafficked. GlobalChild MentalHealth

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