Nicholas Charles Russi Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LAADC-S, CCS, ICAADC
Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LAADC-S, CCS, ICAADC

Nicholas Charles Russi

'Years in Practice: 20 Years'
'License: California / LCi04250315'

About Nicholas Charles Russi

Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LAADC-S, CCS, ICAADC

**Telehealth Video sessions are available** Are you having trouble controlling your drinking but feel like rehab isn t for you? Have loved ones in your life pleaded with you to stop? Is your alcohol or drug use causing relationship issues? Anxiety problems? I know exactly how you’re feeling. Alcohol or drug abuse can extremely difficult to manage on your own. For the last 19 years I’ve been helping clients navigate the personal recovery process and the trials and tribulations they come with it. If you are in a place in your life where you are ready to make some needed changes, I can help you be free from the grips of addiction.

The tools that I ll provide you with are tools that I have been perfecting over my career helping people just like you. It s important to note that I am a Counselor specializing in Substance Use/Addictions/Alcoholism AND other problems that commonly associated. I am direct and solution-focused. I work collaboratively with you to address and solve problems.

I believe that everyone can change and grow at any time in their lives. I m a perfect example. For many years I struggled with addiction, Anxiety, and depression. And then someone came along and helped me the same way I m offering to help you. I believe that together we can recover. I invite you to reach out and start the journey to freedom.

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