Scott Randall Hansen Psychologist, PhD
Psychologist, PhD

Scott Randall Hansen

'License: California / PSY22068'
'School: Alliant International University'
'Year Graduated: 2005'

About Scott Randall Hansen

Psychologist, PhD

My area of expertise is romantic love and relational compatibility. In addition to helping clients cope with anxiety and depression, I help them avoid the relationship mistakes most people make and learn how to find and foster a successful relationship. I have been teaching seminars on love and marriage for 25 years. While my clients find my style sensitive and supportive, they also appreciate that I go beyond active listening and reflection and challenge them with questions that lead them to deeper levels of insight and awareness.

Tragically, few of us are ever taught the essentials of love, marriage, and relationships. In fact, most of life s important lessons are never taught and it is no wonder that we often have trouble negotiating the obstacles we encounter. I believe that, in addition to understanding, we need information.

I have spent twenty years in postgraduate study earning four master s degrees in psychology, philosophy, and systematic theology. More important, I have acquired a unique understanding of the human condition that allows me to use this wisdom to help my clients process and conquer their personal difficulties in life.

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