Sonya Ullrich Pre-Licensed Professional, APCC, SEP
Pre-Licensed Professional, APCC, SEP

Sonya Ullrich

'Years in Practice: 7 Years'
'School: Prescott College'
'Year Graduated: 2016'
'Supervisor: Dr. Adrian Avila'
'Supervisor License: California / 52279'

About Sonya Ullrich

Pre-Licensed Professional, APCC, SEP

If you feel like you ve done enough talk therapy, bring your body back into the conversation. If you are struggling with relationship issues, stress, trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or addiction, we can collaborate to bring you relief and understanding. If you are a survivor of child abuse or neglect or social marginalization, you ll be safe and gently held here, too.

I use touch skills, body awareness and an ecological perspective of stress and social interactions to provide relief to individuals, couples, and families. I have helped other professionals learn these skills for years, and it will be a privilege to share them with you.

Feel free to contact me with further questions or to arrange a free phone consultation.

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