Tracey L Chester Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MA
Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MA

Tracey L Chester

'Years in Practice: 10 Years'
'Prelicense: California / 93387'
'School: California School of Professional Psychology'
'Year Graduated: 2011'

About Tracey L Chester

Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, MA

I primarily work with patients who suffer from chronic pain or chronic illness. Simply put, patients need extra attention their loved ones may be unable to provide. I am the founder and clinical director of San Diego Pain and Trauma Institute, located in Sorrento Valley. The mission of this clinic is to provide an holistic approach, with primary care doctors, trauma-informed care, from physical therapy techniques to the most up to date evidence based practices. I am amongst a small group of professionals studying the relationship between trauma, grief and chronic pain.

I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and I employ the latest techniques that help with mood disorders and the effect chronic pain has on mood and quality of life. Our team includes a Somatic Therapist, a Neurokinetic Physical Therapist, and coming soon, a psychiatrist (we are currently referring out at this time).

I am a mature, highly educated, personable woman with life experience, and I believe an authentic therapist/client relationship is the most important aspect of treatment. . I am also a a chronic pain patient, so I know what is like to live with pain everyday and try to have a meaningful life.

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