The high divorce rate in us indicates that thousands of couples have decided to live apart. Many new and old couples are trying to save their relationships. Feelings of failure are often accompanied by divorce and separation along with anger, regret, and depression. Providing effective relationship counseling assistance to families and couples can save society from the psychological-emotional, legal, and financial issues of such suffering.

American Counselling Association has developed a special area represented by the “International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors”. (IAMFC)

Will you marry me?

That’s the statement that occurs between almost all couples as they contemplate make their relationship permanent. As they are friends before but now they want to turn their virtual relationship and partnership into a real one together.

The one side of the story is the marriage that has survived for an entire lifetime and on the other side is a relationship that, like others, began in love but is now ending in bitterness, anger, and in this case, very public disclosure.

These incidents are real in our lives and raising many questions. What are the factors that cause separation and what we have to do?

Relationship counseling is very important now a day for couples to solve their personal and emotional problems.

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Relationship Counseling:

“It is one helping relationship that focuses on couples problems, growth and adjustment, and decision making needs. A couple comes to the counselor or psychologist with their problems. These problems may be, individual differences, economic problems”

The relationship counselor listens to the problems of both partners then evaluates the main issues after that suggests some psychotherapies and sessions to improve their relationship.

Why Relationship Counseling is Important for Healthy Relations

All couples may have some conflicts in their lives. It is like a battle that never ends. For some couples it is the battle of money, for some, it is a battle of individual difference, like and dislike ness, for some this is the battle of mistrust and sex. But couples have to live together for many reasons they separated or take a divorce.

Many couples are living together for their children. Because they don’t want to spoil their children’s life. So they are bearing one another and struggling to cope with one another.

Relationship counseling is must for such couples. Relationship counseller help couples to understand and solve their issue and conflicts.

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Couples have Individual Differences

Every person is different from others and therefore there is always a difference in nature and behavior of two persons. After marriage, the two-person with different background lives in a room together. They have to share everything. Some of the couples cope with one another but many of them cannot survive with each other because they individual differences in their thinkings. Then their fight and arguments start. Relationship counselors help them to understand each other and learn to respect each other’s opinions.

Relationship Counseling for Financial Problems:

When two persons are dating one another, they try to impress their partner with money and want to make a good first impression. But when they are married then they come to know the truth about their incomes. There is a lot of expenditure, particularly for children. The spouse is unable to manage expenses and the couple always fights with each other. Relationship counselor helps them to understand money problems and suggest some methods to adjust the issues.

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Relationship Counseling for Children Problem:

Many couples are bearing and living together only for the sake of their children. they want to leave but they are living only for their kids. Daily quarrels and fights are part of the routine. Their kids are effecting badly but fights are never stoped. In these circumstances, relationship counseling is very necessary.

Facilitating Behavior Change:

The goal of relationship counseling is to bring about a change in the behavior of couples which will enable them to live a more productive and satisfying life. It helps a person to improve his ability to cope with life’s demands.  Relationship counseling help couples to alleviate their feelings of distress and improve their sense of well-being while resolving their crises.

Relationship Counseling for Sexual Problems:

Sometimes two love birds unfortunately can be a mismatch in many factors. Sexual problems are one of the common problems of couples. Partners have a lack of chemistry and compatibility in their sexual affairs but couples never sit and talk clearly on this issue. Counselors help them to solve their sex-related issues.

Premarital Counseling:

It is very good for couples who want to start their life journey soon.  Premarital counseling prepares them for a healthy, strong, and long-term relationship. The counselor addressed some upcoming problems like finance, communication, sex, and belief issues. Relationship counselor teaches the moral value of the marriage and commitment.

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Decision Making:

Relationship counseling enables couples to make critical decisions with harmony and peace. Counseling helps them to understand each other’s point of view and they can decide homely affairs with each other’s will. Some people find difficulty in making relationships and decisions. Counselor develops confidence between them.

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The goal of counseling is the welfare of couples. Counselers guide couples in not only maintaining their healthy relationship and wellbeing but also living a satisfying life. Relationship counseling is very important for toxic relationships and problems. It is very effective in dealing with mental emotional and adjustment problems.