Anger is a powerful feeling of human in which anyone starts to lose her/his temper.

Mostly anger is a temporary and sudden emotion that starts with a negative situation for example stuck in traffic, dealing with an unlike person or a crying kid, and loud noise may become your reason for anger.

 Anger is a possessive and uncontrollable characteristic of humans. Our thinking power produces negative energy and this energy can cause damage to our own health as well as our relations with others.

 Because in the anger mood we could not realize how we are shouting to others and disrespect them. Anger may be very harmful to us because one can also hurt himself.

How To Let Go Of Anger

What would you in an angry situation?

Would you lose your temper and react strongly?

Or you would follow a less dangerous course of action, such as leaving the scene?

It will depend on many factors such as your personality type matters also.

Before discussing the causes and ways how to let go of anger.

We will discuss the two main types of personality.

Introverted Person:  This type of person does not express his feelings openly and remains  very reserved. They always remain in a nutshell. He has a layered type of personality because no one can know his feelings and emotions. He hides his feelings and does not share them with anyone. So he keeps his anger inside him and burns himself inside.

Extroverted Person: An extrovert is open-hearted. They express their feelings with others and put opinions openly. This type of person also expresses his anger openly and can harm others’ feelings.

a  boy in sad mood

Causes Of Anger

There are a lot of causes behind anger and one would be to act according to the situation.

 Anger is often influenced by social factors and is sometimes predicted by personality traits.

 Sometimes anger is also affected by factors relating to the situation or context in which it occurs.

Different people react differently in a similar situation because the stamina of everyone’s is different. Now, will discuss some of the causes briefly.

Frustration And Provocation

Anger like other forms of social behavior is often a response to something in the social circle of our society.

 Anger sometimes occurs in response to something other people have said or done.

For example, in your school or office, you have arguments with others and you become hyper and frustrated.

Frustration always leads to some form of anger and aggression. Sometimes classmates tease one another.

Teasing and provoking statements that call attention to the target’s flaws and imperfection.

Social Exclusion and Rejection

What does it feel to be excluded and rejected by others?

This is an unpleasant experience and most of us would prefer to avoid it.

Exclusion not only means that we can’t enjoy the benefits of social relations with others.

It will also cause negatively on our self-image which eventually creates anger and hatred feelings towards others.

Emotional distress generated by being excluded leads to “lashing out” against the sources of rejection.

So rejection and unlikeness by others can also be a cause of anger.

Personality Gender and Anger

Are some people more likely to anger than others?

Some individuals rarely lose their tempers or engage in aggressive actions.

While others seem to be forever “losing it” with potentially serious consequences.

Male individuals are more aggressive than females. Some people get angry on minor issues while others keep silent on the same issue.

The persons with competitive behavior and always in a hurry get angry immediately.

Bullying: Singling out others for repeated Abuse

Almost everyone has either experienced or observed the effects of bullying.

It is a form of behavior in which one person repeatedly assaults one or more others who have little or no power to retaliate.

Bullying is a common occurrence among children in schools but also occurs frequently in workplaces too.

So the victim of bullying often became angry.

May You Find Helpful

how to let go of anger

How To Let Go Of Anger- Tips And Tricks

Now we will discuss how to let go of anger in any heated circumstances according to our problems. 

Expressing anger with others and with ourselves can be harmful because we speak without thinking and sometimes speak harsh words.

So be careful in expressing your anger. It can make annoy your friends and relations. Here are some easy ways on how to let go of anger.

Never React without Thinking

Reacting without thinking can make situations worse.

Shouting and consistently exchanging harsh words could be angry with your loved ones and even cause unhealable cracks in any relationship.

Always control your anger and never speak in an angry mood.

Try to relax and think about the whole situation.

Make some strong and reasonable arguments and then discuss with the person you are angry with.

So never react instantly at anyone. Be careful in your reactions and try to handle the situations with patience and calmly.

Leave the Place Instantly

Instantly leave the room when you realize that situation is getting worse and out of control.

You feel that you cannot deal with the situation calmly then it is better to leave that place.

Go outside take some long breaths, relax, and think wisely about the incident.

Meditation helps you in relieving you

Meditation and some relaxing techniques can help you in relieving your anger and frustrated mood.

You need to find a peaceful corner of the house and do some meditation techniques.

Meditation is a good way to connect with nature and purify your soul.

Meditation is the best way to cool down your behavior.

Let the Anger Out

When you feel relaxed and calm just let the angry thoughts out. It doesn’t mean to fight and shout with another person.

 You can release your anger in a positive and good way.

For example talk to someone else like your close friend, your wife, your mother.

Talk to them about the issue which happened earlier and take their advice.

Listen to some good music and take exercise. Sharing your feelings and anger is a good way to cool down the temper.

Write down your Angry Feelings

For many people writing works like magic. Write down your feelings and put your angry thoughts, grief, and emotions on paper.

Writing will also help you find out the solution to the problems. Writing is always a useful way to express feelings and emotions.

Some people write their feelings and search for solutions while others write angry and emotional letters to others.

Some researches show that writing to express our feelings can be very useful and effective in reducing anxiety, depression among individuals.

Change Your Perspective of Thinking

It is a very effective trick to let go of anger. A person with a lot of anger has to change his cognitive process of thinking.

When individuals have positive implicit attitudes toward regulation their own emotions, they may be able to restrain aggression and anger easily.

You need to change the perspective of your thoughts and develop some good habits.

You need to practice good habits like helping others, caring for others, and avoid negative views of people.

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Go Out For a Change

You want to let go of your anger then you need to leave the place.

Staying in one place with the same angery person will build negative energy.

So it is recommended to leave that place and go out for a walk or coffee shop.

Meet with your friends and spend some quality time with them. Change your mental state and avoid negative feelings.

It will help you to calm down your anger.

Change Your Workplace

Sometimes anger starts with your colleagues at your workplace.

In this situation, you have to face that person daily and your anger increases day by day.

The other person will also show aggression. In such type of cases, you need to change your workplace.

Because it is a safe option to quit that job. Further, you have to face adverse circumstances due to your anger and aggressive attitude.

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Self – Regulation: Internal Mechanisms for Controlling

Anger can be experienced as adaptive behavior too, maybe in some situations.

For example, competition with siblings and friends often become adverse, and the only way to “win” in such competitions causes anger and after that aggression.

So especially for boys, strong tendencies to anger against others can yield beneficial outcomes.

Lashing out at other people in response to their provocation is definitely not adaptive and can affect our social and interpersonal life.

For this purpose, we have effective internal mechanisms for restraining anger and overt aggression. This mechanism is used as the term Self-Regulation.

Self-Regulation: (self-control) the capacity to regulate many aspects of our behavior including aggresion.

This type of self-regulation requires a lot of cognitive effort, so the one main cause why this regulated system of restraint often fails is that we simply don’t have the required effort.

In other words, anger sometimes erupts because we have invested so much cognitive effort in other activities and we left nothing for this major task.

We can increase our cognitive power for self-regulation by adapt healthy activities like exercise, reading, and mindfulness.

Self-control for anger and aggression impulses does not necessarily involve the only use of cognitive resources. Our positive attitudes towards regulating our emotions and dealing with others also important. We can control our anger effortlessly by our positive way of thinking towards life.

Catharsis: Does “Blowing Off Steam” Really help in Let go of Anger?

It is a view that if individuals give vent to their anger and hostility in no harmful ways, their tendencies to engage in more dangerous acts will be reduced.

What is Catharsis it means if an angry person expresses his anger in relatively safe ways will reduce his tendencies to engage in more harmful forms of aggression.

Is this really work?

Most people seem to believe that it is not as effective as it should be.

For example, so-called venting activities such as watching, reading about aggressive actions, or engaging in playing aggressive fight games are more likely to increase subsequent aggression than reduce it.

Engaging in vigorous activities may produce reductions in arousal but these are only temporary.

Similarly, the likelihood of subsequent anger is not reduced by engaging in safe forms of aggressive activities.

A Relaxation Exercise to Calm Down Your Anger

When you feel that you are in an angry and frustrated mood. You should isolate yourself immediately because you can lose your temper and start shouting and fighting with others.

Try to do this 15 minutes exercise to let go of anger.

  • First of all, let your body relaxed and calm and takes steady breaths.
  • Now inhale and exhale deeply 5 times consequently.
  • When you inhale try to count to 4.
  • When you exhale count to 8.
  • Now focus on mind that air is passing in and out of your lungs.
  • Concentrate your attention and feel your ribs steadily rising and falling when you repeat the exercise.
  • Now stop this whole process and feel relax.


Anger is a powerful emotion of humans that cause aggression and destroy your relationship with others. So try to avoid anger and be calm in your dealings. All the aspects and strategies to let down your anger are explained. You will surely find these tips helpful.