Female Led Relationship based on a woman’s authority. The woman takes lead in every decision. This type of relationship only successful when a woman is strong and efficient while the man does not feel bad for it.

In our society man is dominate and has all the powers to lead but in some cases, the woman also dominates and has a female led relationship.

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What is a Female Led Relationship?

It is a relationship in which the female assigns all the rules and has the power and authority. Female Led Relationship (FLR) is a great effort in the right direction.

The female led relationship is based on the relationship between partners. The female-led relationship has many forms. In FLR man remains home for domestic chores and take care of kids while the woman goes out for work and run all the expenses of house, kids, and bills. But in traditional set up the woman only has the authority to take all the basic decisions and head of the house.

Types of Female Led Relationship:

Low level of FLR:

In this type of FLR, as its name shows the authority of women is low. It is basically a relationship in which the extent of management is low. All the decisions are based on mutual consent between partners.  Man permits the female to lead in a few certain deeds and she has to take permission before doing anything.

 Moderate level of FLR:

This is the next step of the low level of FLR. In this type, the woman can enjoy as a leader in many ways but at a moderate level. In this kind of relationship, the FLR lady thinks that she has authority in some matters and she is ruling the man. This thinking develops a sense of positivity and confidence and morals high. In this level man also enjoys dominated attitude from the woman.

The woman looks at the advantages of the arrangements and takes control of daily routine but sets limits for how far she is ready to go.

Formal level of FLR:

In the formal level of female led relationship, the bounding between partners is formal and relaxed comparatively both of the above. This is actually different from Lower FLR and moderate FLR. This relationship is like a caretaker.

In this level, the male is a submissive character while the female is ruling him and making all the decisions. A woman likes to be in control of all the matters but the behavior of a woman is quite good.

The extreme level of FLR:

Woman applies total and complete lead over the man and treats him like a servant in all the matters of relationship. This is the most extreme level in the types of female led relationships. Man and woman are happy enjoying their relationship equally but the man is a puppet in the hand of FLR lady. This is a very fierce and serious relationship. Women love to control and command in every aspect of life.

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“Why do couples rarely if ever stop living a love and obey female led relationship after starting one? 97% of men and women say they will never go back to a male led relationship after trying FLR. Why? They say they are happier and it actually feels more natural.”


Qualities Of A Good Female Led Relationship Woman:

FLR as Intelligent: 

An intelligent person can better comprehend and evaluate the opposing arguments. An intelligent lady has the ability to easily learn or understand things or to deal with new and critical situations. she can handle wisely everyone.

FLR as Dominant:

Dominant is a basic quality of FLR lady and she dominates over her man. She treats her self as she is master over everything. She takes control in every matter include power play in their sex life and the man is submissive in relationships.

FLR as Dutiful:

The FLR lady is very dutiful and punctual. She is diligent and careful about her partner and every household chores.

FLR as Sociable:

A sociable FLR lady is someone who can easily socialize. An FLR lady can hold long conversations with people. She likes to meet and greet with family, friends, and colleges. She has a lot of friends and takes her partner to parties and get to gathers.

FLR as Sincere:

An FLR lady is somehow very sincere and loyal to her partner. She never cheats her partner and always trust her partner. The lady shares every matter with her partner. Surely she is trustworthy.

FLR as Liberal:

She is very liberal in her behavior and thinking. A female led relationship lady respects the partner’s opinion and ideas. She has the ability to tolerate. FLR lady always goes with the pace of society. furthermore, she is an accurate decision-maker.

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“Nobody can predict the future. You just have to give your all to the relationship you’re in and do your best to take care of your partner, communicate and give them every last drop of love you have. I think one of the most important things in a relationship is caring for your significant other through good times and bad.”
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How Female Led Relationship Formed Among The Partners

FLR based on a loving relationship between partners. if there are love and affection then the partner willing to make it. There are many aspects involve that make a Female led relationship formed.

The Power Of Proximity:

In the absence of some kind of contact with your partner, you obviously can’t become acquainted with your partner or have any basis on which to decide whether you like or dislike them, so in a sense, proximity (physical nearness) is a basic requirement that must be met before you formed your female led relationship.

The smaller the physical distance, the greater the probability that the two persons will come into repeated contact experiencing repeated exposure to one another, positive affect, and the development of mutual attraction.

The Role Of Physical Attractiveness:

It would be expected that youth and beauty would heavily in the balance because these characteristics are associated with reproductive potential. Young partners find attractive are generally healthier and fit than older partners who are not attractive.

So both women and men might well be expected to prefer romantic partners who show these characteristics. In general, that’s true, but existing evidence indicates that even today, these qualities count more heavily for men than for women. A woman with physical attractiveness impresses more and it leads to a female led relationship.

Mating Game:

For the development of an FLR, every male partner expresses a preference for romantic partners they find physically appealing. A woman engaged in more cooperative behavior in the “mating game” than man has a higher chance to gain FLR. A woman with romantic behavior and sexy appearance make a quick place in the heart of a man then she leads to female lead relationships.

High In Homemaking Skills:

Depending on the role of female led relationship the man expect to play in the future; he generally seeks skills and characteristics that will complement their own. The man hopes for a primary provider, he wants from this relationship high in homemaking skills. 

A woman who can support him, his children, and homemaker also. The man expects a lot from his partner. If he finds these characteristics in his partner then he goes for a female led relationship.

Beauty May Be Only Skin Deep, But Catch A Lot Of Attention:

Certainly, at some point in your life, you have heard the saying “Beauty is only skin deep”. It warns us to avoid assigning too much weight to outward appearance, especially how people look. We can’t really follow this advice because physical appearance is a powerful factor in our liking for others, and even in our selection the FLR lady.

Furthermore, attractive people are judged to be healthier, more intelligent, more trustworthy, and also as possessing desirable social characteristics such as kindness, generosity, and warmth to a greater extent than less attractive ones. That’s why a lady with beauty and brain has a higher chance to become an FLR lady.

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Functions Of Female Led Relationship

The specific functions of FLR vary somewhat in importance with the kind of being led; all leaders must serve to some degree many different functions.

As Executive:

The most obvious role of the leader in any situation is as the top coordinator of the activities. In her executive capacity the leader does not herself ordinarily vary out the necessary work, she assigns it to other members. As an executive, she has to act as both judge and conciliator as well.

As Planner:

The lady in female led relationship plans about every activity and task. She decides the ways and means by which the task shall achieve its end. From the domestic chores to office work the task may be anything but the planner is the FLR lady. The FLR lady is the sole custodian of the plan.

As Policymaker:

 One of the important of all leader functions in the establishment of the goals and policies may arise from partner, members of the house or office and the leader himself.

As Expert:

The female led relationship (FLR) lady is often distinguished as a source of readily available information and skills. In many informal and spontaneous situations, it is often the FLR lady who demonstrates the greatest technical knowledge, relevant to the goals, becomes the leader.

As A Substitute For Individual Responsibility:

The FLR lady plays an extremely important role for the partner/husband in relieving him of responsibilities for personal decisions and acts that she wishes to avoid.

As Ideologist:

Sometimes it is the FLR lady who furnishes the ideology of the activities; she serves as the source of the beliefs, values, and norms of all members of the house/office and husband.

A Controller Of Internal Relations:

More than any other person, the leader governs the specific details of the home environment and by doing so she may function as the controller of in-wards relations also.

As Scapegoat:

In a female led relationship, the lady may constitute an ideal object for positive emotional feelings, so he may serve as a target for the aggression of the frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned of the housing member.

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Female led relationships based on the willingness of both husband and wife.

There are some factors that lead to FLR. All the qualities and functions of FLR are explained above.

Every level of FLR has its own characteristics and limitations.

Just need a balance between the levels of FLR. If you have any quarry and suggestions about FLR then comment on us.