Meditation is a process to regain our inner strength, relax the body and release stress. Meditation has a lot of mental, physical as well as psychological advantages. Here is a complete guide about when is the best time to meditate and its advantages.

It can also help us to reduce our anxiety and stress. Meditation makes the sleeping system better, reduces pain and improves concentration.

But the question when is the best time to meditate?

The answer is any time when you are free. Meditation can be done every time. It has positive effects whenever you do, but the punctuality is necessary. Daily meditation is important to gain all the benefits of meditation.

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Meditation is very important for mental health.

Why It Is Necessary To Select A Time For Meditation

You should set up a routine for your meditation. It depends on your lifestyle and works routine. Whenever you find your free time, then you can set your meditation routine at that specific time.

Consistent meditation practice leads you towards mental and physical benefits; therefore it is very important to set a time table for it. Consistency is the key to success in every matter of life the same as it is also important for meditation.

Ideas For When Is The Best Time For Meditation:

Meditation has many benefits that are why everyone should meditate. Everyone is very busy with domestic chores, can’t get free time. Health is precious everyone needs to decide what is good for you in the means of your lifestyle as well as mind.

Most of the meditators have their own times according to their routine. There is no perfect time for everyone because meditation is a spiritual practice that connects you with the inner self, and is different for everyone. 

1: Early In The Morning

Morning is the best time to meditate because our mind is calm and fresh. Everyone is very active in the morning. Before breakfast is a good option to meditate.

Our stomach is free at this time. Experts suggest meditating before eating because our bodies relaxed. After breakfast, our digestive system activates for the digestion system.

The atmosphere is also very fresh and quits in the morning. Most of the people found it easy, because everyone is at home and in a private place, so it would be productive to meditate at this time.

2: Meditation In The Afternoon

If you cannot get up in the morning, then go for meditating in the afternoon. Usually, people feel tiredness in the afternoon due to the heavy burden of work, so it’s good to meditate at this time to become relaxed.

It will be best if you did a late afternoon outdoor session in the sunlight. Meditation also provides an obligatory break in the hectic routine. So it is the best way to reset and focus on you.

A midday meditation break has a lot of advantages. It is very effective to de-stress and regain your strength after a long meeting or difficult situation. Meditation breaks your regular working cycle of mind and increases productivity.

Meditation in the afternoon has an issue. Most of us leave the house in the morning and return home in the evening or night, so the availability of a noiseless and calm place is rather difficult. Meditators found it tough to concentrate.

3: In The Evening (After Work)

Meditating at the end of the workday is very effective to draw a line between the hectic routine of work and a pleasant evening.  Meditation is a good transition between work and home.

Meditating at this time helps you to fresh out from work. It’s a perfect approach to stop work thoughts in your mind, so you feel neither at work nor fully at home. Enjoy your personal life fully and without stress.

Some of the meditators can make an apology that they may be very busy in the evening like meeting with a friend, domestic work for housewives, watching a movie, so how it is possible to meditate.

The solution to this problem is the duration of mediation may decrease or increase according to the situation, but continuity is important. You can meditate for five minutes or more.

 If you are not driving any vehicle, then you definitely meditate on the bus, train, or metro. On the other side if you are driving then you can meditate at home or find a park or a quiet place on the way.

Let you connect with nature and free from the anxieties of the day.

4: Whenever You Feel Disturbed

It can be a mini-meditation. Whenever you feel stressed during your work, you meditate for some minutes. It will help you to release your stress, brings your mind to a calm state.

 It can be a feeling of extreme happiness and overwhelming. When you can’t control your emotions then go ahead for meditation. It will work like magic and you find instant relief in your mood.

 When you feel stress began to start, or any situation when you notice you are out of your senses, then close your eyes and takes a few long breaths. Sometimes we all need to take a quiet moment to relax our mind and slow down our thoughts.

Meditation is a perfect way for gathering you’re a disorganized piece of mind and bring them into a sequence, also boost your energy and awareness. So meditate when you distress.

5: Meditation Before Sleeping (Not Suggested)

Meditation at night before bedtime is not suggested. Meditation is a fully active process, to bring your mind into consciousness and spirituality.

This is the opposite of sleeping, so meditation at night is not a good option. If you are looking at meditation as a sedative thing, then keep away meditation at this time.

Always keep a stable distance between sleep and meditation to make it more beneficial for body and mind.

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Benefits Of Meditation

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  • Meditation helps you to tackle every situation.
  • Meditating keeps us active and mentally relaxed, so we can focus on our work more accurately.
  • It closes us with nature and spirituality; it’s a beautiful relationship with God and its creation.
  • Meditation helps in releasing toxic chemicals from the body reduce stress, boost your mind.
  • You always feel happy and calm, so your interaction with your friends and family surely be pleasant.


The perfect answer to the question the best time to meditate is every time has its own benefits. The important thing is continuity. Never miss a day without meditation, whether you are extremely busy do it for the minimum time.

Every one routine and timetable of work is different, so you can select the time according to your ease and time. Meditation at bedtime is not recommended because it is not useful.

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